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Andrew Tate’s Secret Christmas Gift to his most “perspicacious” followers

A cryptic tweet from Tate hints at a hidden holiday discount of The Real World, the new Hustler’s University

Andrew Tate wearing a Santa hat next to The Real World's logo

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Tate’s social media presence couldn’t get any weirder

After getting de-platformed from all his social media accounts for his controversial takes on the world, Elon Musk “welcomed back” Andrew Tate on Twitter.

And one of his last tweets caught our eye because we believe it to be a secret riddle for his most loyal fans.

What did Andrew Tate say in his mysterious tweet?

Andrew Tate’s Twitter posting is extremely erratic.

He shifts between very harsh tones saying to his own fans they are “losers” and should aspire not to be “average” but exceptional people…

…and heartwarming tones where he celebrates the courage of one of his young fans who fought and defeated cancer…

Young Andrew Tate's fan battling cancer

But recently, he tweeted a cryptic message that was quite odd (even by his standards)…

Andrew Tate's cryptic tweet

What’s Andrew Tate’s Secret Christmas gift to his followers?

We are confident we solved the mysterious tweet and caught Tate red-handed.

There appears to be a secret Christmas gift related to one of his most hyped programs, The Real World, Tate’s digital academy focused on making money online.

Indeed, once the tweet caught our eye, we looked at his official website and eventually came across a tiny difference

You see, The Real World used to have this price tag:

The Real World next to The War Room program

It used to have a $147 entry fee covering the first month in Tate’s online school (after the first month, students had a $49.99 monthly subscription fee).

But now something has changed

The Real World with a price cut

The entry fee for the first month in The Real World was reduced from $147 to $49.99.

We dug deeper and confirmed this price change: on the official website of The Real World, you can clearly see on the checkout page “Limited-time holiday sale” of $49.99. This proves that it wasn’t a random mistake. This price cut was deliberate.

The Real World checkout page

And here is where things get weirder

There is no promotion for this Christmas sale, neither on Tate’s Twitter, his brother’s social media, Tristan Tate, or any other associated social media.

The lack of an extensive online campaign is very strange considering Tate’s flamboyant, “in-your-face” marketing style and the recent launch of The Real World.

What is Hustler’s University and The Real World?

After Andrew Tate got banned from… well, everywhere… it seems that his former online school, Hustler’s University, got “canceled” as well.

Hustlers University logo with Andrew Tate

On multiple interviews and podcasts, Tate claims that Hustler’s University got attacked on its payments processors and private Discord servers, so the online school was forced to close its doors.

But apparently, Andrew Tate claims he expected this because he stated that Hustler’s University students got onboarded on a brand-new platform called The Real World.

The Real World is the successor to Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University, so it’s an online school and community where you can learn money-making skills.

What do Hustler’s University and The Real World teach?

After Tate criticized traditional education, he and his team decided to create a “superior” online alternative.

Both Hustler’s University and The Real World are digital schools teaching online business programs to earn money online.

The program ranged from online courses on e-commerce, copywriting services, freelancing, crypto, and stock trading.

The business models taught in The Real World

The “Professors” of these schools are multi-millionaire experts from Tate’s personal circle, called The War Room. Each Professor is assigned to a business model, and they all teach everything they know about their area of expertise through video lessons.

The “forte” of Hustlers University and The Real World is that they are not just an online course, but you have direct access to these multi-millionaire experts, so they can mentor you and provide you with practical advice while building your online business.

How is The Real World different from Hustler’s University?

Tate often stated that his new online business university couldn’t be stopped by “The Matrix”. The Real World is an entirely autonomous platform, since it has its own app, servers, payment processors, banks, and general infrastructure.

The purpose of this successor to Hustler’s University wasn’t just to onboard the old students but also to welcome new students on, the official website.

Was Hustlers University cancellation part of Tate’s “master plan”?

It needs to be clarified if Tate pulled off a miracle “last minute” after Hustler’s University shut down or if Andrew Tate’s claims are true and The Real World was a long-planned project.

But it has to be said that if Tate really created his own banks, that’s not a quick thing to put in place and necessarily required way more time than the period between the ban and The Real World launch.

Regardless, the Twitter comeback, the mass onboarding of Hustlers University students on The Real World, and its hyped public launch were the last “nail in the coffin”: Tate’s cancellation wasn’t effective on his Internet influence.

Why did Andrew Tate get permanently banned?

Andrew Tate portrait

Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer, a Big Brother UK contestant, and an extremely polarizing influencer. Recent media controversy led to his permanent ban on all his social media.

The official reason isn’t entirely clear since no social media provided an official statement on his de-platforming.

However, what’s clear is that Andrew Tate was responsible for multiple violations of their community guidelines. Surely, the immense backlash criticizing his anti-women views put a lot of pressure on his digital cancellation.

Why is Andrew Tate back on Twitter?

Immediately after getting de-platformed from social media, Tate made a “comeback” on Rumble and Gettr, two alternative social media platforms.

Love him or hate him, the following that Tate managed to gather on non-mainstream platforms is notable: on his Rumble channel alone, he has almost 1 million subscribers now.

But this big influence isn’t surprising since, at one point in 2022, Tate was the most googled man in the world (apparently, he had more Google searches than Putin during the war in Ukraine).

While Tate was growing on alternative social media platforms, Elon Musk “bought” Twitter and created the infamous poll that asked the “people of Twitter” if previously banned accounts should be granted general amnesty.

Elon Musk's poll on the general amnesty for banned accounts

The verdict was positive, and soon after, Elon removed the previous ban, and Tate made his “comeback” on Twitter with @Cobratate on November 18th.

The first tweet from Andrew Tate after his Twitter come-back

His growth on Twitter was impressive because, in just one month, he gathered 3 million followers and has shown a very high engagement on his posting.

But, back to the original Christmas Sale enigma, with all this huge influence, engagement, and popularity… why hasn’t Tate announced the Christmas Discount on his flagship product, The Real World?

Of course, we have our own speculation.

Why didn’t Tate promote this Christmas Sale of The Real World?

We are quite sure that the cryptic tweet referred to this “shadow” sale of The Real World.

Tate's cryptic tweet

We have our speculation that explains why this Christmas discount on The Real World was kept as a secret “easter egg”, or better, a secret Christmas gift.

Considering the words of Tate’s mysterious tweet, “Will you notice it before it’s too late?”, we speculate that this holiday discount of The Real World is only meant for the most attentive fans (or, using Tate’s well-known terminology, the most “perspicacious” ones).

We think that doing discounts doesn’t really resonate with the bombastic “take it or leave it” marketing style of Tate.

Yet, he probably wanted to give a Christmas gift to the fans that really wanted to join The Real World, but couldn’t for financial reasons.

However, it’s unclear when this “secret Christmas sale” will end, and the entry fee for The Real World will go back to the $147 full price. The discount may quietly disappear at any moment.

As Tate said at the end of his bizarre tweet:

“Tick Tock”…

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